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Lyro AI relies solely on the data from your support content, minimizing the likelihood of inaccurate responses. Keep Lyro’s knowledge base updated in real time, and use a playground environment to test how the AI handles customer questions using the data provided. If customers need information beyond Lyro’s scope, the AI will redirect them to your human support agents.
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  • Price $25/mo-$1250/mo
  • Annual Discount Yes 25%
  • Promotion 5 Day Free Trial

Join the Lyro Launch: Elevate Your Experience with Innovative Technology

Solve up to 70% of Customer Issues Quickly with Lyro AI


Enhance your Support Capabilities with AI

enhance-your-support capabilities-with-ai
Lyro AI can address up to 70% of common customer inquiries, allowing your human agents to focus on more complex issues. While the average response time of human agents is 2 minutes, Lyro AI can provide answers in less than 15 seconds.

Deliver Precise Information Consistently

Lyro AI relies solely on the data from your support content, minimizing the likelihood of inaccurate responses. Keep Lyro’s knowledge base updated in real time, and use a playground environment to test how the AI handles customer questions using the data provided. If customers need information beyond Lyro’s scope, the AI will redirect them to your human support agents.

Manage Increased Demand during Peak Seasons

Lyro AI can assist multiple customers simultaneously, enabling your support team to handle every inquiry during busy periods. The AI understands context, recalls previous responses, and generates detailed answers, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Implement AI Support without Altering your Existing System

Integrate Lyro AI into your helpdesk solution using Lyro Connect. Start offering AI support with Lyro in less than an hour, compatible with platforms like Gorgias, Intercom, LiveChat, Zendesk, and Freshdesk.

Engage Customers without Time-Consuming Training

Lyro AI requires no training and is easy to implement. Simply activate Lyro with a single click, and give it access to your support content, enabling the AI to offer personalized assistance to customers 24/7.

Enhance Your Business with an AI Support Agent: Introducing Lyro


Sign Up for a Tidio Account

With every Tidio account, you get 50 complimentary Lyro conversations. Upgrade to the Lyro plan and enjoy up to 200 Lyro conversations.

Enable Lyro

Incorporate Lyro in less than 3 minutes. Enable it, share your support resources or let Lyro generate them for you, and that’s it.

Obtain Customizable, Scalable Limits

Allow Lyro to tackle countless customer issues with adjustable limits. Contact us for utilizing Lyro on a larger scale.

Offer Limitless Lyro Support at Just $0.7 per Client


Infinite Responses for Each Customer

With Lyro, numerous inquiries can be addressed in a single chat session, all considered as one conversation. Clients resuming prior chats won’t impact your monthly allowance either.

Increased Lyro Chats Lead to Bigger Savings

Take advantage of superior pricing by opting for custom Lyro plans. Reach out to us to obtain a tailored quote.

Swiftly Address 70% of Customer Issues with Lyro AI

Offering tailored, automated support, Lyro AI effectively resolves up to 70% of customer inquiries within seconds. Utilize Lyro AI’s intelligent features to improve your customers’ experience and enjoy your first 50 Lyro conversations for free.

Yes, you can have Lyro answer up to 50 unique visitors for free. Check out other popular questions

Is Lyro free for a limited number of conversations?

No, Lyro isn’t entirely free. However, every Tidio account starts with 50 free Lyro conversations, and you can access better limits with the paid Lyro plan.

Can all Tidio users access Lyro?

Yes, every Tidio account comes with 50 free Lyro conversations, and the Lyro plan is available to all users.

What constitutes a Lyro conversation?

A Lyro AI conversation refers to a customer interaction that includes at least one reply from the AI support agent. Regardless of how many times Lyro replies or if the customer returns later, it counts as a single conversation.

When does the Lyro conversation limit refresh?

The 50 free Lyro conversations don’t refresh for free. For additional conversation limits, consider the Lyro plan, which refreshes the limit 30 days after payment.

What is the pricing for Lyro?

The first 50 Lyro conversations are free, and the Lyro plan offers different pricing tiers:

  • 50 conversations – $39
  • 100 conversations – $75
  • 150 conversations – $110
  • 200 conversations – $140

Is it possible to have more than 200 Lyro conversations per month?

Yes, you can contact Tidio for custom Lyro conversation limits.

What is Lyro Connect?

Lyro Connect is a feature that allows you to integrate Lyro, the conversational AI bot, as an extension to your existing customer service software for seamless AI support.

How much does it cost to implement Lyro Connect?

Lyro Connect pricing is available with a personalized Tidio+ subscription. The cost per Lyro conversation is up to $0.7, with volume discounts available.

How does Lyro Connect function?

Lyro Connect integrates Lyro with your existing support solution, utilizes your support content for AI responses, and automatically creates a ticket for unanswered questions to be handled by a live agent.

What differentiates Tidio's regular chatbots from Lyro?

While regular chatbots follow predefined conversation paths, Lyro employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage in human-like interactions with customers, providing more detailed responses.

Is ChatGPT used to power Lyro?

No, Tidio uses Claude (Anthropic AI) to power Lyro because it is designed to be helpful, honest, and harmless.

Does Lyro ensure data security?

Yes, Lyro uses Claude (Anthropic AI), which follows the best practices for data handling and retention, ensuring data security.

How can Lyro provide accurate answers with minimal setup?

By automatically extracting data from your potential FAQs, Lyro creates a knowledge base and forwards questions to human agents if the answer is not readily available.

What are the advantages of using Lyro?

Lyro helps increase customer satisfaction and support team efficiency while offering a scalable solution that adapts to your growing business needs.

How effective is Lyro at answering customer questions?

Lyro has proven effective, automating up to 58-70% of customer inquiries. Its machine-learning algorithm constantly improves its performance over time.

Are there any additional AI features offered?

Tidio offers a range of AI-powered features to ensure the best customer support experience, such as automatic message personalization and smart reply suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of participating in Lyro Launch?

Joining Lyro Launch can provide numerous benefits, such as access to an innovative chatbot technology, improved customer engagement, and opportunities for business growth. By implementing Lyro, businesses can enhance their online presence, streamline customer support, and optimize overall customer experience.

How can I link Lyro with other platforms?

Lyro can be integrated with popular platforms by leveraging APIs and plugins, facilitating seamless communication across various channels. This cross-platform compatibility enables businesses to maximize the efficiency and reach of their customer interactions, offering streamlined processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Is Lyro Launch suitable for use with Shopify?

Yes, Lyro Launch is compatible with Shopify. Through integration, merchants can effectively utilize Lyro’s chatbot technology within their Shopify stores, allowing for better customer communication and support. This merger helps improve conversion rates and user experience.

Can Lyro Launch be connected to WhatsApp?

Lyro Launch can be connected to WhatsApp using API integration. By doing so, businesses broaden their communication channels, enabling streamlined and accessible customer support, updates, and marketing campaigns via WhatsApp.

What are some alternatives to Lyro Launch?

There are several Lyro Launch alternatives, such as:

  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Drift
  • Dialogflow
  • ManyChat
  • MobileMonkey

These chatbot solutions offer varying features and pricing structures, allowing businesses to choose the best fit for their specific needs.

Are there free chatbot options similar to Lyro Launch?

Yes, various free chatbot options exist that are comparable to Lyro Launch. Examples include Chatfuel, Tars, and BotStar. While these services may have limitations compared to paid options, they can still provide valuable assistance for small businesses or those exploring chatbot integration for the first time.
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